The members of the IGSO are associations of universities representing geodetic students.

The IGSO consists of these institutions:

  • The General Assembly.
  • The International Geodetic Students Agency (the General Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Actuary)
  • The auditors of account.

The structure of the IGSO and the realisation of the IGSM 2004 was presented at the ISPRS meeting 2006.

General Assembly is an institutions of the association.

6. The General Assembly is held annually and does the following:

1. Approve the Articles of Association and internal rules of the IGSO, as well as its essential lines of policy
2. Appoint the IGSA
3. Appoint the auditors of account
4. Approve the General Secretary’s report
5. Approve the treasurer’s report
6. Approve the auditor’s report
7. Approve the statement of accounts
8. Take final decisions on proposals submitted by the IGSA or by member associations
9. Approve reports and resolutions submitted during IGSM and discuss and adopt suitable measures
10. Choose the venue of the next but one annual IGSM and General Assembly
11. Fix the amount of the annual membership fee
12. Approve a plan of work and a budget brought forward by the IGSA
13. Other various tasks resulting from these Articles of Association

6.1. A proposal is adopted by the General Assembly if the proposal gets the majority [see Art. 6.3] in each two different steps of counting out the votes of one ballot. In the first step each member (=student organisation) has one vote. In the second step all the members from each country have only one vote together.
A nation has to be either member of the United Nations or be accepted by the IGSO to count as ‘country’ for voting in the IGSO General Assembly.

6.2. All Seniors together are considered a university from a separate country concerning the votes at the General Assembly [see Art. 6.1]

6.3. Decisions on matters of routine administration require a simple majority vote of members present.

6.4. All votes and elections are conducted publicly.

6.5. Decisions on matters that were not proclaimed before can be taken at the General Assembly.

6.6. The General Assembly honours people that:

– Have contributed a lot to the IGSO
– Have visited at least 5 consecutive IGSMs or have visited at least 7 IGSMs within the last 10 years